Books have been published from several annual conferences. Since 2004, the annual book has not simply reported conference proceedings. The ESSD Board chooses a theme and invites a selection of conference presenters and sometimes other ESSD members with relevant expertise to contribute a chapter to the book. Chapters are peer-reviewed.

Downloads of books (from 2010 onwards) are available for ESSD members only (password required).


Normalisation re-visited: Drugs in Europe in the 21st century
Morgan J, Søgaard TF & Uhl A (Eds.)
  • Preface: Drug normalisation is reflexive - Shane Blackman
  • Introduction: Normalised drug using landscapes across Europe - James Morgan, Thomas Friis Søgaard & Alfred Uhl
  • Navigating norms and drug use: Normalisation and neutralisation as converging perspectives - James Morgan & Trevor Bennett
  • Exploring the normalisation of image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs) in British gyms and its connectivity with social media - Luke A Turnock & Nick Gibbs
  • ‘That’s how drug scene was back in the days’ – On the temporary de-normalisation of harm reduction measures and public life for people who use drugs heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic - Bernd Werse & Luise Klaus
  • The normalisation of illicit drug use admissions among British politicians: A narrative perspective - Liviu Alexandrescu
  • Revisiting the normalisation thesis in the Polish context over the past 20 years - Greg Los, Maria Plucinska & Artur Malczewski
  • Different-paced normalisation: Cannabis social worlds in non-liberalised contexts - Michal Wanke
  • Normalised drug use heterotopias in the 21st century - Kostas Skliamis
  • Policy normalisation of drug use – opportunity or cultural discomfort? - Alfred Springer
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-884-9) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-885-6) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


KrimJ special issue - Drugs and Digital Technologies
Tzanetakis M & Werse B (Eds.)
  • Editorial to the special issue - Meropi Tzanetakis & Bernd Werse
  • Articles
  • A qualitative analysis of the Russian cryptomarket Hydra - Anastasia Meylakhs & Ramil Saidashev
  • “You only do it with people you know”: A case study of acquisition strategies by cannabis engagers in Riga, Latvia - Kristiana Bebre
  • Outlining a typology of steroid suppliers located on a popular international fitness and bodybuilding Forum - Luke Turnock
  • Murder in live streaming and the chronicle of drug dealing: Social Media and drug trafficking in Brazil - Adriana Braga
  • Book reviews
  • James Martin, Jack Cunliffe, Rasmus Munksgaard: Cryptomarkets: A research companion (Marx)
  • Martina Althoff, Bernd Dollinger, Holger Schmidt: Conflicting Narratives of Crime and Punishment (Walklate)
Special issue and separate articles available through the Kriminologisches Journal website.


Who? Variation and distinction in the European drugs landscape
Chatwin C, Potter GR & Werse B (Eds.)
  • Introduction: Stigma, identity construction and the ‘who’ of drug use - Caroline Chatwin, Gary R. Potter & Bernd Werse
  • Between normalisation and stigmatisation: Medication-assisted treatment and its clients - Alfred Springer
  • Drug addiction treatment as biographical work: Life-stories of young women in recovery from addiction - Giorgos Tsiolis & Zacharoula Kasseri
  • Managing stigma: Heroin users who attempt a conventional life - James Morgan & Trevor Bennett
  • ‘You become nothing’ – Adolescents’ social representations of drug users as a litmus test of Italian anti-drug alarmism - Enrico Petrilli, Alessia Cacciamani & Franca Beccaria
  • Dilemmas in German police practice: Obstacles to responsible police work when interacting with people who use illegal drugs - León von der Burg & Svea Steckhan
  • Cannabis users, cannabis festivals and societal acceptance of cannabis - Kostas Skliamis
  • Trajectories of drug involvement among young people in contact with criminal justice systems in six European countries - Sara Rolando, Franca Beccaria & Karen Duke
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-722-4) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-723-1) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Why? Explanations for drug use and drug dealing in social drug research
Kaló Z, Tieberghien J & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • Introduction: Why? Explanations for drug use and drug dealing in social drug research - Dirk J. Korf, Julie Tieberghien & Zsuzsa Kaló
  • Controlling drugs in Europe: the first collaboration attempts - Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni
  • NPS use motivations from the perspective of users and experts - Zsuzsa Kaló, Zsolt Demetrovics & Katalin Felvinczi
  • Emotional mapping: towards a geographical explanation of drug use - Luise Klaus & Mélina Germes
  • ‘I have no clue’ – a qualitative study on crack cocaine use in Frankfurt, Germany - Bernd Werse & Lukas Sarvari
  • On aging cannabis users: a welfare economics analysis - Marco Rossi
  • Exploring and (re)negotiating the question of (not) being: narrative identity constructions of people who use illegal drugs - Michelle Van Impe
  • Buyer motives for sourcing illegal drugs from ‘drop-off’ delivery dealers - Thomas Friis Søgaard
  • From ancient organic to the newest synth: building trust in drug user communities - Ximene Rêgo, Jakub Greń & Olga S. Cruz
  • Medicinal cannabis use: a fuzzy concept? - Frédérique Bawin
  • In search of the ideal drug - Alfred Springer
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-537-4) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-538-1) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Place, space and time in European drug use, markets and policy
Potter GR, Fountain J & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • Introduction: Drugs, place, space and time - Gary R. Potter
  • ‘I don’t do this to get rich’ Dynamics of private low-key and street drug dealing careers - Bernd Werse & Dirk Egger
  • The emergence and nature of violence in the Stockholm and Vancouver drug scenes - Anke Stallwitz
  • Social order of anonymous digital markets: Towards an economic sociology of cryptomarkets - Meropi Tzanetakis
  • Cannabis Social Clubs on YouTube: A qualitative content analysis - Mafalda Pardal & Julie Tieberghien
  • Targeted population surveys on drug use in recreational settings across Europe - Karenza Moore & João Matias
  • Nuts and bolts of timelines in qualitative drug research - Nienke Liebregts
  • The ‘psychedelic renaissance’ – Will there be a change in control attitudes? - Alfred Springer
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-459-9) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-460-5) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


DEPP special issue - 2016 ESSD Conference: selected papers
O'Gorman A, Korf DJ & Werse B (Eds.)
  • The European Society for Social Drug Research: a reflection on research trends over time - Dirk J. Korf, Aileen O’Gorman & Bernd Werse
  • “Don’t make too much fuss about it.” Negotiating adult cannabis use - Silje Louise Dahl & Jakob Demant
  • Consequences of criminalisation: the Dutch khat market before and after the ban - Ton Nabben & Dirk J. Korf
  • A mixed-methods analysis of online NPS user discussion in Hungary - Zsuzsa Kaló, Levente Móró, Zsolt Demetrovics & Katalin Felvinczi
  • An analysis of media framing of and by Cannabis Social Clubs in Belgium: making the news? - Mafalda Pardal & Julie Tieberghien
  • The emergence of the affected adult family member in drug policy discourse: A Foucauldian perspective - Eva Devaney
Special issue and separate articles available through the Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy website.


Evidence in European social drug research and drug policy
O’Gorman A, Potter GR & Fountain J (Eds.)
  • Evidence in European social drug research and drug policy: an introduction - Aileen O’Gorman
  • Revisiting ‘Looking at the UN, smelling a rat. A comment on Sweden’s successful drug policy: a review of the evidence - Peter D. A. Cohen
  • Evidence-based policymaking as depoliticised governance strategy: the case of European drug policy - Adam Standring
  • The user in Swedish abstinence-oriented opioid substitution therapy: a closer look at how user involvement bears upon policy formation - Mats Ekendahl & Patrik Karlsson
  • Rethinking evidence in online social drug use research - Dave Boothroyd & Sarah Lewis
  • Truth or tale? The production, selection, and interpretation of evidence informing municipal policy on public use of soft drugs - Danielle Chevalier
  • Drug testing for evidence? A sociotechnical practice - Bettina Paul & Simon Egbert
  • Sex & drugs & EDM: the use and distribution of drugs within a London chemsex scene - Christine Schierano & Gary R. Potter
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-263-2) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-264-9) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Between street and screen – Traditions and innovations in the drugs field
Wouters M & Fountain J (Eds.)
  • Real life and virtual worlds of drug users and drug dealers in social drug research: an introduction - Dirk J. Korf
  • Police and drug users: stereotypes as a barrier to treatment - Michał Bujalski & Łukasz Wieczorek
  • Online drug distribution: alternatives to physical violence in conflict resolution - Meropi Tzanetakis
  • Netreach work in Europe: responses to developments on the dark web and the use of new psychoactive substances - Cristiana Vale Pires, Marta Borges & Helena Valente
  • From clubcultures to screencultures - Ton Nabben
  • Shamans in cyberspace - Alfred Springer
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-143-7) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-144-4) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Change and Continuity - Researching evolving drug landscapes in Europe
Potter GR, Wouters M & Fountain J (Eds.)
  • Change and continuity in the European drug landscape: an introduction - Gary R. Potter
  • Neighbourhood effects: the influence of time, space and structures on drug consumption trends and practices - Aileen O’Gorman
  • Harm reduction of novel psychoactive substance use - Levente Móró
  • A liquid phenomenon? Images of new psychoactive substances in Polish print media - Katarzyna Dąbrowska & Michał Bujalski
  • New psychoactive substances: new European policy landscapes - Caroline Chatwin
  • Looking beneath the surface of recovery: Analysing the emergence of recovery oriented treatment policies - Alastair Roy
  • The road to anhedonia - Alfred Springer
  • Analysing Twitter as an opportunity to understand substance use - Sharon Sznitman, Nehama Lewis & Danielle Taubman
  • Interviewing ‘elites’ in examining the science-policy nexus: some methodological reflections - Julie Tieberghien
Book (ISBN 978-3-95853-006-5) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-95853-007-2) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Snapshots of social drug research in Europe
Fountain J, Wouters M & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • New developments and current debates in social drug research: an introduction - Dirk J. Korf
  • Part 1: Drug distribution
  • A case study of upper-level dealing - Meropi Tzanetakis
  • Low-level drug distribution in Antwerp: a case study - Eline d’Huyvetter & Tom Decorte
  • Social supply among socially integrated drug users - Christiane Bernard
  • Social supply and hard drug markets - Gary R. Potter & Aleksandra Osiniagova
  • Part 2: Drug use and treatment among minority ethnic populations
  • Questioning differential drug treatment among nationally diverse populations - Joanna Tsiganou & Dionyssis Balourdos
  • Ethnic- and gender-specific patterns of substance use - Annemieke Benschop & Alberto Oteo Pérez
  • Immigrant drug users in Greece: an empirical study - Katerina Micha & Natalia Spyropoulou
  • Dual devalued identities among immigrant drug users in treatment - Katerina Iliou & Katerina Tsantila
  • Part 3: Science-policy nexus
  • The triangle of science, policy and media in the Belgian drug policy debate - Julie Tieberghien
  • The challenge of setting regulations for new psychoactive compounds - Constantinos Pistos & Chara Spiliopoulou
  • Raising the minimum age for coffee shop customers: effect on prevalence - Marije Wouters
  • A case study of social reintegration policy - Ismini Gourgiotou
  • A therapeutic ethos in drug felonies: the genesis of drug courts - Mette Irmgard Snertingdal
  • A study of a Swedish treatment policy reform proposal - Jessica Storbjörk
  • The drug dispositive: reflections on the science-policy nexus - Alfred Springer
  • Part 4: Research methods
  • Social supply: methods of data collection - Marieke Vlaemynck
  • The potentialities of online mixed method school-based drug research - Stefania Kalogeraki
  • Self-portraits of reintegration: the use of visual methods in addictions research - Susana Henrique & Pedro Candeias
  • Part 5: Ethical dilemmas
  • Willing informants - Mette Kronbæk
  • Research ethics in committees and practice: responding to the challenges - Aileen O’Gorman
  • How honest can you be as a researcher? - Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni
Book (ISBN 978-3-89967-911-3) or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-924-3) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


The meaning of high - Variations according to drug, set, setting and time
Wouters M, Fountain J & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • A kaleidoscope of meanings: An introduction - k J. Korf
  • High strategies - Alfred Springer
  • The effects of psychedelic substances on artistic creation - Fruszina Iszaj, Bea Ehmann & Zsolt Demetrovics
  • Variations in the discursive construction of drug use - Antonis Katsouros & Maria Eirini Papadouka
  • Medicine, healing, and psychedelics - Cameron Adams
  • Ecstatic anaesthesia: Ketamine and GHB between medical use and self-experimentation - Robert Teltzrow & Oliver G. Bosch
  • Functional meaning and negative effects of drug use and alcohol use among female sex workers in Belgium - Tom Decorte
  • Street prostitution and drug taking - Philip Bean
  • The meaning of drug use among homeless young people: a longitudinal pathways analysis - Paula Mayock & Mary-Louise Corr
  • 1‘I wanted a head change’ – Motivations and influences on men’s illicit drug using practices in prison - Charlotte N. E. Tompkins & Nat M. J. Wright
  • Getting ‘high’ from crime: Psychological aspects to the drug-crime connection - Gary R. Potter & Aleksandra Osiniagova
Book or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-831-4) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Markets, methods and messages - Dynamics in European drug research
Fountain J, Asmussen-Frank V & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • Psychedelic musicians, Muslim dealers and domestic marijuana growers: an introduction - Dirk J. Korf
  • Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to? - Alfred Springer
  • Race, place, religion and drug supply - Alastair Roy
  • Finding respondents in local marihuana markets - Tim Surmont, Freya Vander Laenen & Brice De Ruyver
  • Researching cannabis markets online: some lessons from the virtual field - Gary R. Potter & Caroline Chatwin
  • Using the internet for qualitative research on drug users and drug markets: the pros, the cons and the progress - Ross Coomber
  • Developing a sound methodology to monitor the online availability of ‘new drugs/legal highs’ - Ulrik Solberg, Roumen Sedefov & Paul Griffiths
  • Finnish press narratives on drug addiction at different times during 1968-2006: role divisions and their inherent responsibility allocation - Matilda Hellman
  • The glamour makes the difference. Discourses on cocaine, amphetamine, and ecstasy in Danish media - Jakob Demant, Signe Ravn & Anne Marie Lyager Kaae
Book or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-741-6) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Pleasure, Pain and Profit - European Perspectives on Drugs
Decorte T & Fountain J (Eds.)
  • Pains, pleasures and profits in the lives of drug users and drug dealers: an introduction - Dirk J. Korf
  • Alternatives to the deficit model of adolescent drug use - Patrik Karlsson
  • Tipping the balance. A longitudinal study of perceived ‘pleasures’ and ‘pains’ of cocaine use (1997-2009) - Tom Decorte & Marjolein Muys
  • Opiate addiction: balancing pain and pleasure - Zsolt Demetrovics
  • Risk behaviours: illicit pleasures by any means - Jason Farrell
  • Regulating intoxication and disciplining pleasure - Esben Houborg
  • Meaning of life among former homeless substance users - Cas Barendregt, Barbara van Straaten & Elske Wits
  • Cops and dogs against party drugs - Ton Nabben
  • You reap what you sow. Profit, pleasure and pain in domestic cannabis cultivation - Gary R. Potter
Book or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-654-9) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Old and New Policies, Theories, Research Methods and Drug Users Across Europe
Demetrovics Z, Fountain J & Kraus L (Eds.)
  • Old and new: Persistence, revival and innovation in European drug issues - Dirk J. Korf
  • Reassessing the gateway theory and its implications for drug policy - Alfred Uhl & Ludwig Kraus
  • Harm reduction in European prisons: Looking for champions and ways to put evidence-based approaches into practice - Heino Stöver, Rick Lines & Katja Thane
  • Exploring retail-level drug distribution: Social supply, ‘real’ dealers and the user/dealer interface - Garfield (Gary) Potter
  • Psychedelic generations: Similarities and differences of socio-cultural factors related to historic & contemporary use of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs - Susanna Prepeliczay
  • Arriving at the party early? An exploration of the early onset use of ecstasy and cocaine in Northern Ireland - Patrick McCrystal
  • New methods – old problems: A practical and philosophical analysis of participatory approaches to qualitative drugs research - Alastair Roy
  • Researching ‘new’ heroin users in Ireland: An ethno-epidemiological approach - Paula Mayock, Jennifer Cronly & Michael Clatts
Book or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-583-2) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Cannabis in Europe: dynamics in perception, policy and markets
Korf DJ (Ed.)
  • Cannabis research in Europe: an introduction - Dirk J. Korf
  • Changing scientific perspectives on cannabis use - Dominique Vuillame
  • Cannabis treatment in Danish prisions: a product of new directions in national drug policy? - Helle Vibeke Dahl, Vibeke Asmussen Frank & Torsten Kolind
  • Controlling cannabis cultivation in the Netherlands - Marije Wouters
  • Domestic marihuana cultivation in Belgium: on (un)intended effects of drug policy on the cannabis market - Tom Decorte
  • The growth of cannabis cultivation: explanations for import substitution in the UK - Garfield (Garry) Potter
  • Retail markets for cannabis – users, sharers, go-betweens and stash dealers - Bernd Werse
  • Cannabis supply in Northern Ireland. Perspectives from users - Caral Stevenson
  • Why the prevention of cannabis use does not work: vulnerable young people’s analysis - Freya Vander Laenen & Eveline De Wree
  • Cannabis in Hungary: drug policy, legislation and civil movements - Péter Sárosi & Zsolt Demetrovics
Book or E-book (ISBN 978-3-89967-512-2) can be purchased at Pabst Publishers.


Drugs in society - European perspectives
Fountain JK & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • Foreword - Paul Griffiths
  • Introduction: the social meaning of drugs - Jane Fountain & Dirk J Korf
  • Perceptions of drugs and drug users in Portugal - Maria do Carmo Gomes
  • Danish cannabis policy in practice: the closing of ‘Pusher Street’ and the cannabis market in Copenhagen - Vibeke Asmussen
  • Characteristics of the cannabis market in Belgium - Tom Decorte
  • Ephedra for fun, performance and losing weight - Cas Barendregt & Brigitte Boon
  • Khat and the creation of tradition in the Somali diaspora - Axel Klein
  • Characteristics of life in exile: vulnerability factors for substance use - Marjolein Muys
  • A cultural approach to understanding the stigma of drug use: the experience of prisoners in England and Wales - Sundari Anitba
  • Diversification endangered - Alfred Springer
  • The methadone game: control strategies and responses - Helle Vibeke Dahl
  • How to camouflage ethical questions in addiction research - Alfred Uhl
Book no longer available


Research on drugs and drug policy from a European perspective
Kraus L & Korf DJ (Eds.)
  • Drug research from a European perspective: an introduction - L Kraus
  • Social drug research in Europe: current themes and future developments - DJ Korf, JF Gamella, J Moskalewicz, A O’Gorman, B Olsson, A Uhl & M Wouters
  • Trends in cannabis use and changes in cannabis policy in Denmark - LL Storgaard
  • Drug use as a generational phenomenon - P Hakkarainen
  • "Problematic use" of (illegal) drugs – A study of the operationalisation of the concept in a legal context in Belgium - M Muys & T Decorte
  • Ecstasy: motives for use and non-use - H Vervaeke & DJ Korf
  • Characteristics of high-risk opiate users in Europe - M Prinzleve, P Degkwitz & Ch Haasen
  • Gender breakdown among clients starting treatment in outpatient treatment centres in nine European countries in 2002 - L Montanari, C Taylor, P Griffiths & J Vicente
  • Ensuring accurate estimates of the prevalence of taking drugs among young people (11-15 year olds) - A McGee, R Boreham & S Blenkinsop
Book no longer available
European studies on drugs and drug policy (2004)
Decorte T & Korf DJ (Eds.)

Illicit drugs. Patterns of use – patterns of response. Proceedings of the10th annual conference on drug use and drug policy in Europe (2000)
Springer A & Uhl A (Eds.)

The 9th annual conference of drug use and drug policy (1999)
Orte Socías C & March Cerdà MX (Eds.)

Illicit drug drugs in Europe – Proceedings of the seventh annual conference on drug use and drug policy (1998)
Korf DJ & Riper H (Eds.)

Proceedings of the 5th annual conference of drug use and drug policy held in Sønderborg (1995)
Jepsen J, Laursen L & Vangsgaard P (Eds.)

Proceedings: The third conference on drug use and drug policy (1993)
Neville J & Tellier F (Eds.)

Books no longer available